Have you ever had a burning question about nutrition or about healthy food preparation for your kids? Bring your questions to our interactive seminars with cooking demonstrations and learn how food can be used as preventive medicine. Do your kids like to get hands-on with baking and playing around in the kitchen? Bring them along! 

Our workshops are made for both mommy and child, where we keep them busy with a fun activity while covering nutrient-rich meal and snack ideas with you. Learn how to incorporate simple changes in everyday meals to make a large impact on you and your kid’s health.


Picky Eaters: Workshop for Parents & Caregivers

In this workshop we’ll talk about how to introduce new foods to picky eaters and maintain a healthy diet (and your sanity!). We’ll look at portion size, good nutrition, and foods to avoid. We’ll also discuss reasonable limits and boundaries to set in order to get your child to eat foods s/he doesn’t want to. Come and have fun while learning how to put an end to mealtime battles.

Healthy Transitions: Moving Towards Healthier Food Choices

Do you want to make lasting changes to your or your families health but are unsure where to start? Are you confused by all the conflicting nutrition information out there? In this workshop, we’ll uncover the reasons behind differences in nutrition advice and discuss how to make manageable changes towards greater gains. You’ll get ideas for cooking, menu planning, grocery shopping, and budgeting. We’ll also taste some of the Koala Picks favorite snacks that are loaded with hidden nutrition!

Parties Koalified!

Who doesn’t love a birthday party, filled with fun, games, excitement and of course, the food? Unfortunately, most foods offered at kids’ parties are sugar-laden and loaded with unhealthy fats, colorants, additives and preservatives. Party food for kids can be colorful, exciting, and healthy. Come and join us for great ideas to help you plan fun yet healthy party options with minimal fuss.

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