A mix of sweet and savory snacks, with new products introduced all the time! If you subscribe, you can fill in our customization form which we send out a week before delivery to choose your snacks every week.
Each snack will come with its detailed nutritional value, as well as storage and consumption recommendation.

Some snacks you can expect are:
Choco Chip Cookies, Sweet Potato Crisps, Hazelnut Cannon Balls, Koala Crackers, Pizza Muffins, Beet Brownies, Strawberry Rolls and much more!

Subscription Snack Boxes

  • Weekly snack box delivery
  • Customize your snacks every week
  • Choose from 3 box sizes
  • Enjoy 10% off all our other products
  • Light Snackers Box AED216 monthly (AED54 per box)
  • Moderate Snackers Box AED300 monthly (AED75 per box)
  • Heavy Snackers Box AED380 monthly (AED95 per box)

Single Box Orders

  • One-time delivery
  • A surprise mix of different snacks
  • Choose from 3 box sizes
  • Check out our weekly snack menu
  • Light Snackers Box AED60
  • Moderate Snackers Box AED83
  • Heavy Snackers Box AED115