Choco Rice Puffs (270g)

AED 24

Cereal your kids (and you!) will fall in love with

Have you ever seen a cereal with only 4 ingredients? Well, you’re looking at it! Naturally gluten-free, these Choco Rice Puffs are made from puffed rice, honey and antioxidant-packed pure cocoa powder. Unlike similar products that are loaded with insulin-spiking syrups and refined sugars, our Choco Rice Puffs will have a slow carbohydrate release to give you energy for all the fun stuff for your day.

Puffed Rice, Honey, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cocoa Powder.
Nutritional facts:
Per 30g; Energy: 120 Kcal, Carbs: 20g, Sugar: 10g (only natural), Fiber: 1g, Fats: 5g, Protein: 1g.

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